MCourse is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley and we are blessed to have the opportunity to serve the Bay Area!

This business was launched during the pandemic and got well known throughout the Bay Area through the word of mouth and of course- the power of social media! 


We realized that a lot of the cakes and cupcakes are overly too sweet and we didn't like that at all! It doesn't have to be that way! Our desserts are proportioned to have just the right amount of sweetness and we are excited to share them with you!


Due to other large projects, we were really close to letting this business go, but because our desserts were loved by so many, we decided to remain open and only operate every Friday-Sunday!

We hope that whenever you are hosting parties during the weekend or just because you are craving our cakes and cupcakes, you will think of us!


Whether you start your day with MCourse or end your day with MCourse, we hope that our beautiful desserts will leave you 100% satifsfied! Share Mcourse desserts with your family and friends because we know that they will love them too!



With love,

MCourse Family <3